The hum and synchronization of pistons in V-shaped and inline engines is a sight to behold. Unless one is an automotive engineer, mechanic or has the privilege of an automotive workshop, he or she may struggle to understand the appeal.

Yet, the redshoebox YouTube channel steps into fulfill that need, as last year it released a video depicting V8, inline 6 (I6), inline 4 (I4) and single-cylinder (1C) engines powered by pneumatic pressure - in the medium of LEGO.

The channel specializes in creating dynamic LEGO models, such as transmissions and robotic arms powered by electric and pneumatic sources, and has created assemblies of some common and many uncommon principles, which are both educational and beautiful.

One of the most notable features in this video is the relative smoothness of the power delivery in the V8 and inline 6 engines, versus the inline 4, and most drastically the single-cylinder engines. One notable advantage of engines with more than five cylinders is the ability to time the pistons so one piston is always delivering its power stroke, which optimizes smooth power delivery.

redshoebox typically offers viewers plans and parts lists for those who want to build their own.

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