The Nedox 10K3 surface protection coating from General Magnaplate delivers superior corrosion protection in harsh oil and gas environments where saltwater, sour gasses and corrosive mud are present. As part of the Nedox family of coatings,10K3 boosts the performance of common metal alloy surfaces, helping them last longer and perform better.

Nedox 10K3 achieves Rockwell hardness between approximately 48 and 55 — ideal for high-corrosionSource: General MagnaplateSource: General Magnaplate environments that also cause wear and abrasion. In salt spray tests, Nedox 10K3 showed little or no corrosion after 2,000 hours of exposure. It was also tested to and passed the 96 hour requirements of NACE TM0284. Additional features include:

  • Excellent release properties up to 850° F.
  • Good mating with other parts with both similar and dissimilar base materials.
  • Prevents wear and galling.
  • Low coefficient of friction.

With Nedox 10K3, tool designers can downsize casings and make components smaller for more efficient drilling and extraction. Applications include drill string components as well as gate, cylinder, and airlock valves, housings, impellers, rotors and mud pump components.

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