Rollon has updated its Smart System lineup of belt-driven linear actuators with a rugged new design that supports heavy loads and ensures low maintenance operation in automated manufacturing, packaging machines and food and beverage equipment.

The actuators have a self-sustaining anodized aluminum frame and a steel reinforced driving belt, and areSource: RollonSource: Rollon engineered to provide stiffness for greater load capacity. Symmetrical heads on both ends of the actuators allow users to assemble the gearbox in one of four different positions. And, the Smart System is designed to make it easy for customers to create multi-axis systems such as a two-axis Y-Z system, two parallel axis system or a three-axis X-Y-Z system using simple brackets and plates.

Rollon offers three types of Smart System actuators to suit various motion and installation requirements. Each delivers an exceptional price-quality ratio, while their heavy-duty construction ensures high performance and keeps maintenance costs low. Designed to deliver speeds up to 5 m/second with possible acceleration of 50 m/second, these actuators also achieve a high repeatability accuracy of ±0.05 mm.

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