Geek+, the global autonomous mobile robot leader, has announced the launch of its multilevel storage and retrieval system: Sky-Storage & Ground-Pick. The solution uses Geek+’s X-series four-way shuttle robots to boost storage density while devoting the ground floor to picking operations entrusted to the flagship P800 robots.

On the upper levels of the warehouse, the four-way shuttles use every inch of vertical space for pallet storage and quick and flexible replenishment of the lower level. Below them, picking robots move shelves, pallets and racks containing in-demand goods. Businesses can easily add or remove robots from the system according to business fluctuations, seamlessly expanding storage to fit demand. Existing infrastructure such as conveyor belts, robotic arms or automatic lifts can be integrated into the system for receiving or distributing goods.

Source: Geek+Source: Geek+

Kai Liu, Geek+ co-founder and VP of picking and smart warehouse, said: “When It comes to getting the most out of the warehouse space available, traditional warehousing systems are no longer up to the task. With Sky-Storage & Ground-Pick, businesses have the solution to tackle challenges like labor shortages and increasing costs of warehouse space and deliver the level of service their customers expect.”

Compared with manual warehouses that use beam racks for storage and shipment, the four-way shuttle racks provides higher and denser storage spaces without compromising worker safety. On the ground level, the P800 provides high-speed picking, and intelligent algorithms combined with quick full-pallet put-away improve operations. Efficiency of both tote and piece picking is increased by two to three times.

The width of the four-way shuttle’s standard running track is only 1250 mm, which is just 40% of the traditional forklift aisle. Extending racks to the tops of the available space under the warehouse roof, Sky-Storage & Ground-Pick takes storage capacity to more than five times that of traditional warehouses. Given that the solution is built upon the interaction of two flexible robots, it provides the ability to seamlessly connect different warehouse areas. Sophisticated artificial intelligence automatically manages and carries out replenishment and storage relocation.

Given its power to transform the largest warehouses into dense and highly efficient storage and distribution facilities, Sky-Storage & Ground-Pick is an ideal solution to automate operations in retail, third-party logistics (3PL), manufacturing, cold chain, and pharmaceutical distribution, among many other industries.

For more information, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Geek+.

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