Manufacturers need to measure and quantify the causes of unproductive time so they can optimize their efficiency. Machine monitoring from Seco provides them with the data-driven knowledge they need to not only manage production efficiency, but also increase both output volume and product quality.

Done in real time and remotely, Seco machine monitoring solutions sample production data on a continuous basis to build a full picture of what happens on a manufacturer's shop floor and beyond. These insights build an in-depth profile of daily activity and trigger alerts for onsite response or remote notification of production-critical metrics.

Eliminate bottlenecks and boost OEE

Detailed insights into machining operations on all attended and unattended shifts make it easy for manufacturers to track Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and make continuous improvements to operations for better planning, scheduling and communication. Overall, such data-driven insights reveal the real root causes of production problems that hinder workflow optimization.

Cost-effective, facility-wide data collection

Limited access to real-time production data slows a manufacturer’s response to individual applications, machines, cells and overall production workflow. With a low entry cost, Seco machine monitoring provides enhanced communication from the shop floor to upper management based on data-driven smart manufacturing.

Source: Seco ToolsSource: Seco Tools

Color-coded metrics on real-time dashboards give manufacturers the insights they need to improve efficiency. Employees are also able to easily add their insights and observations, categorize machine downtime and help contextualize problems. These best-in-class service solutions come courtesy of partnerships with an exclusive network of state-of-the-art software providers and technology partners like Machine Metrics.

Real world solutions

Rather than offer customers data-gathering solutions that merely accrue information from production processes, Seco provides a robust portfolio of solutions. For every challenge that limits manufacturing effectiveness, Seco draws on a continuing stream of unduplicated insights gained through decades of manufacturing expertise to create solutions in partnership with customers.

While data and analytics are valuable to manufacturers, these tools take on even greater importance within the context of a broader set of Seco support options that address everything from employee technical education to tool-use optimization. Such a big-picture emphasis — through a partnership for continuous improvement with the customer — fosters collaboration and a full understanding of machine capacity.

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