Invata Intralogistics, a provider of warehouse automation solutions and next-level artificial intelligence (AI)-powered warehouse software, has announced the rollout of a new product line of advanced warehouse robotic technologies to be marketed under the brand INVATABOTICS.

Stage one of Invata’s entry into the OEM market includes the introduction of a fleet of mobile robots to be powered by Invata’s own Automate warehouse software.

Source: Invata IntralogisticsSource: Invata Intralogistics

Designed for the challenges of warehouse automation and fulfillment optimization, the INVATABOTICS fleet will provide enhanced automation processing capabilities to Invata customers in the areas of order fulfillment, returns processing, mobile storage and retrieval, sortation and transportation, and pallet, case, tote and unit picking.

The fleet will be manufactured for Invata by a leading global provider of warehousing robotics technology, which has granted it exclusive rights to distribute the technology in North America.

Invata will also benefit from intellectual property patent protection in North America for one of its most sought after technologies: autonomous case-handling. As a result, Invata will be the only patented provider of autonomous case-handling robots in the North American market.

“Our strategy with INVATABOTICS is to ensure end-to-end robotics integration and orchestration with all our warehouse automation solutions,” said Ayman Labib, chief technology officer for Invata.

“Having tested and implemented INVATABOTICS technology in the field for the past few years, we now have proprietary design tools that actually automate the layout, logic and process components needed to incorporate robotics into any design variation we can come up with,” Labib continued. “This is a big win for our customers in that it allows us to rapidly test solutions and solve problems in ways not previously possible, while it eliminates the struggles many companies face in trying to integrate disparate one-off robotics systems into more comprehensive automation solutions.”

“INVATABOTICS dramatically enhances the ways in which we can address our customers’ warehousing and fulfillment challenges,” said Nick Gordon, VP sales for Invata. “With it, we’re implementing innovative micro fulfillment, ecommerce and returns solutions that combine numerous robotics technologies to enable our clients to handle conveyable and non-conveyable inventory in the same order fulfillment process. Our ability to integrate and orchestrate these technologies through our Automate warehouse software is what makes this venture so beneficial to our clients.”

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