Robotics manufacturer Tompkins Robotics has launched a robot capable of increasing the number of sort destinations in e-commerce warehouses.

Tompkins’ tSort3D reportedly enables six to eight times the sort destinations in the same space as current solutions, offering thousands of sort destinations and in volumes of roughly 20,000 per hour.

Designed for e-commerce fulfillment, store replenishment and reverse logistics, the tSort3D can handle and sort a variety of products.

Source: Tompkins RoboticsSource: Tompkins Robotics

According to the company,“ tSort3D uses a tray as the carrier, while other solutions use a cross belt. Tompkins Robotics’ unique tray design ensures that round, cylindrical, and oddly shaped items are compatible with our system. We can now deliver sortation designs that connect thousands of sortation destinations from any point of induction.”

“The capabilities of tSort3D far exceed other dense sortation systems on the market today. This solution solves a pressing need in distribution and fulfillment operations that no previous automation solution has fully addressed.”

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