AMETEK Spectro Scientific, a supplier of oil and fuel analysis instrumentation and software, has announced the release of its online Fluid Management Academy (FMA). The FMA is an online learning platform, offering customers a range of courses about Spectro Scientific’s and Grabner Instruments’ fluid analysis products.

Academy users access short (60 minute to 90 minute) online courses that are led and designed by subject matter experts. Customers can enroll in a series of learning modules covering instrument features, troubleshooting techniques and instrument care. Each course is then followed by a short proof-of-concept exam. When a user completes a course and passes the exam, they receive a certificate of completion and a competency badge that is valid for three years.

View the list of available FMA courses.

Designed with varying levels of end users in mind, the FMA has content for the novice and the expert users. By making the course materials available in an online format, Spectro Scientific ensures users have the flexibility to build their knowledge base and proficiency at their own pace, from anywhere at any time.

Technical training manager Lisa Williams states, “As an organization, we strive to deliver value-add services for our customers to demonstrate how to optimize the powerful features in each of our instruments. We are excited about the vast amount of people we will be able to reach with this platform. The FMA effectively captures subject matter expert information, is easily accessible to our entire customer base, and formally documents proof of concept.”

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