A web tool previously developed by the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) enables users to cost-effectively tap renewable energy resources by optimizing system sizes and battery dispatch strategies.

A new module added to the Renewable Energy Optimization and Integration Tool (REopt) is designed to simulate the impact that converting conventional heating and cooling systems to geothermal heat pumpsSource: NRELSource: NREL (GHPs) may have on on-site consumption of fuels and electricity, utility costs and carbon dioxide emissions. REopt’s existing distributed energy resource models can be applied to study the impact and interaction of a GHP retrofit with solar photovoltaics, batteries, combined heat and power, and other technologies.

REopt analyzes site-specific heating and cooling needs and can also be used to estimate how long a system can sustain critical loads during a grid outage, informing resiliency strategies.

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