A new oil-free water-cooled centrifugal chiller from Carrier is designed to deliver reliable performance, high efficiency, easy installation and a wide operating range. With capacity from 300 tons to 700 tons (1,055 kW to 2,461 kW), the AquaEdge 19MV combines best-in-segment efficiency for design and the ability to operate at severe conditions due to unexpected building operation or extreme weather.

The AquaEdge 19MV leverages proven EquiDrive two-stage back-to-back compressor technology, now with magnetic bearings, to achieve best-in-segment performance while staying quiet and cool underSource: CarrierSource: Carrier pressure. EquiDrive compression and drive train technology provides expanded operating range while improving chiller energy efficiency and building resiliency for specifying engineers, building owners and facility managers.

The many features and options of the AquaEdge 19MV are designed to make buildings better by allowing optimization of heating, ventilating, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, building operation and data:

  • Compact footprint for easy installation: Fits through double doors (72 inches by 80 inches) without disassembly.
  • Low noise: Operates at less than 80 dBA.
  • Refrigerant options: Available with the choice of low global warming potential R-513A or R-134a.
  • Economizer: Leverages the two-stage compressor design to increase refrigerant liquid subcooling and evaporator capacity for more performance per square foot.
  • Expansion control system: Dual expansion valves provide redundancy at typical operating conditions and ensure full capacity at virtually no lift for excellent cold weather performance.
  • Greenspeed intelligence variable frequency drive: Enables starting and operating with cold condenser water while providing enhanced performance at off-design conditions.
  • Carrier SmartVu control panel: Provides intelligent control and easier tracking and analysis of operational data, and the ability to link the control system to a building automation system for remote access to the chiller’s running data.
  • The BluEdge service platform: Helps keep the equipment running efficiently throughout its lifecycle with proactive solutions to reduce unplanned downtime.
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