Custom power cords and power supplies are used by OEMs in a variety of domestic and international applications. Many industries require specific power requirements or present design challenges, making it difficult to find the necessary power cord. Quail Electronics, Inc. is a worldwide industry leader in supplying domestic and international power cord supplies, providing standard and custom power cords to meet customer configuration needs.

Electric vehicle (EV) power cord

With EV sales on the rise, the growing demand for power stations will increase. The cords must be rated at 30 A and be UL approved.

Figure 2: SAE 1772 Level 2 Plug and SAE J1772 Socket. Source: Quail ElectronicsFigure 2: SAE 1772 Level 2 Plug and SAE J1772 Socket. Source: Quail Electronics

IEC/jumper cords

The International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC) is responsible for standardizing the plugs and connectors used in information technology. There are two different types: the standard IEC cords and the Universal cords. Popular Universal IEC cords come with UL, CUL and VDE approvals, which makes them truly universal around the globe.

Colored power cords

These cords come in an array of colors for color coding systems and reduce the clutter of cords. They are typically offered in the C14 to C13 (and universal) configurations. Heavy-duty configurations can color code with heavier gauge and higher amperage. Popular configurations are red, green and blue.

Auto-lock cords

Auto-lock cords offer a heavy-duty connector with a unique patented locking mechanism that keeps cords safely attached. Quail Electronics offers a locking device in the ground socket that grips to the inlet blade to keep it completely secure. They have convenient red tabs on the side of the connector that make for an easy disconnection especially for hospital grade applications. With no hardware needed, a universal fit, angled connector option, and rated up to 30 lbs, the versatile configuration possibilities are endless.

Hospital grade

Hospital grade plugs are required in any hospital-type environment in North America where the patients encounter the cord, including doctor and dentist offices. Hospital grade cords and cord sets have solid pins and larger plug bodies, which virtually eliminate the risk of wire to outer contour shock and withstand greater pull forces. Important features like locking cords, colored cables, LED lights, different configurations and lengths are popular for medical grade considerations. Look for the “Green Dot” hospital grade power cords with clear LED plugs.

Locking receptacles can be big and bulky or require extra hardware. Quail introduced the Q-Lock because it’s simple, grips on to the ground pin of the plug to avoid accidental disconnection and, with 30 lbs of force, it is strong.

High voltage and high current power cords should be constructed from heavy gauge straight-blade cords to construction grade locking NEMAs. The high volumes of electricity carried by these cords necessitate a unique plug and receptacle design to assure matching electrical ratings.

Specialty cords can mean “Y” cords, Trident cords or “W” cords; Triple Tap, Quick Release or Piggyback cords. The most common are the “Y” and Trident cords, which offer two and three legs of power. Another example of specialty cords are the EV and RV Power Cords.

Rotating power strips with 180° rotating outlets prevent AC/DC converters and other bulky plugs from bumping into each other. This feature allows users to make the most of their space and guides power leads away from the strip in an organized manner, helping to reduce clutter and tangling.

About Quail Electronics Inc.

Celebrating 31 years, Quail Electronics is the world leader in the domestic and international power cord market. Their expertise is unmatched, providing customers with the highest levels of customer service and technical expertise with integrity and dependability. All Quail cords comply with RoHS, REACH and Cal Prop 65 regulations and carry the appropriate approvals for the country they are designated for.

Quail Electronics is also a distributor for Schurter and General Devices, leading the way with innovative and quality products. Quail Electronics has become an industry leader and a company that customers can rely on with a large inventory of in-stock items in its Livermore, California, warehouse.

Custom needs? If they don’t have what you are looking for, Quail Electronics can help you design what you need. They can configure a power cord to meet the application you have in mind by matching various molds together, tooling new molds for special needs or adding custom terminations. On new projects, Quail Electronics can work with regulatory agencies around the world to provide the necessary approvals. They have standing relationships with all such accreditation bodies and extensive knowledge on how to gain and retain certification.