WOMA high-pressure plunger pumps offer superior performance for almost any high-pressure application, especially in the field of high-pressure water jet technology. The six-series range features pump models that can deliver pressures ranging from 250 bar to 3,000 bar (3635 psi to 43,500 psi).

The most powerful pumps in the range are the M-series. The M-series offers high-pressure pumps for applications requiring ultra-high-pressures. In combination with the wide range of WOMA water tools, the M-series high-pressure plunger pump can deliver operating pressures of up to 3,000 bar (43, 500 psi) and is suitable for cutting, dismantling, de-rusting and stripping work.

Source: WOMA GroupSource: WOMA Group

The most notable design feature of the M-series is the extreme stability thanks to the uniquely engineered parts, premium quality materials, and accurate manufacturing. The robust carbide plungers are leaded in precise guide rings, cooled by the sealing water system, and protected against dirt or damage for an extended service life. The built-in central valve design also plays a critical role in delivering high volumetric efficiencies at high pressures.

The M-series ultra-high-pressure water jetting is particularly effective for challenging applications such as cleaning of ships and buoys. Whether it’s for simple surface cleaning, the removal of algae, shells and other deposits, or even paint removal, the M-series delivers on all fronts. For the removal of paints and multi-layer coatings on ship walls, the M-series can be used in combination with the appropriate water tools, such as the WOMA Magnet Lizard for effective results.

The M-series can also remove concrete quickly and safely with the help of ultra-high-pressure technology. When concrete is removed using ultra-high-pressure water jets, it creates very minimal vibrations in the construction. The steel reinforcement is exposed with accuracy, precision and damage-free.

The M-series high-pressure plunger pumps start with the compact 70M model that requires a driving power of 45 kW through to the 500M pump, which requires a driving power of 402 kW. All M-series pumps are available as ATEX versions on request. WOMA also offers a wide selection of accessories including pressure gauges, switching and regulating devices, and various safety devices.

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