Researchers from South Korea’s Agency for Defense Development (ADD) — the South Korean national agency for research and development in defense technology — have created technology that offers military personnel early and long-distance detection of chemical weapons and projects contaminant dispersal paths.

According to the ADD researchers, the Hyperspectral Imaging Stand-off Chemical Agent Detection System promises to detect and monitor contamination plumes, offering an early warning of chemical warfare agents in contaminated groundwater, thereby allowing military personnel to act quickly to minimize the damage of chemical attacks.

The remote sensing technology reportedly accomplishes this by analyzing 2D images and spectral information of infrared radiation. According to its developers, the chemical warfare agent detector can be installed on assorted platforms such as manned and unmanned reconnaissance systems.

In addition to enabling military personnel to take countermeasures against terrorism and attacks that use chemical, biological and radiological weapons, the technology also enables military to project the contaminant dispersal paths of chemical accidents.

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