CyberLink Corp., an artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition technology company, announced that the anti-spoofing capabilities of its FaceMe facial recognition solution achieved a True Rejection Rate of 100%, obtaining a perfect score in iBeta’s industrial standard PAD (Presentation Attack Detection) test.

FaceMe reportedly detected all impersonation and substitution attempts from the test’s photos and videos. iBeta is an internationally recognized independent third-party testing and quality assurance organization.

Source: CyberlinkSource: Cyberlink

In passing iBeta’s industrial standard PAD test, FaceMe is now compliant with ISO ISO-IEC 30107-3 (International Organization for Standardization). iBeta is one of the world’s few agencies accredited by U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program for biometric testing. Per ISO-IEC 30107-3, iBeta performed Level 1 testing of FaceMe on both Android and iOS devices. It was unable to spoof the technology with any presentation attacks (PAs), concluding with an Attack Presentation Classification Error Rate (APCER) of 0%.

Adding to CyberLink’s long list of achievements, the iBeta certification confirms FaceMe’s trustworthiness and its ability to accurately protect people’s identity, even when under spoofing attacks. The compliance with ISO provides users of mobile devices powered by FaceMe the assurance that their identity, the private data stored on the device and the access it grants to their online information are securely protected.

“Preventing spoofing attacks is critical to the adoption of facial biometric technology in areas such as fintech and access control, where iron-clad identity protection is essential, yet it is one of its toughest challenges,” said Dr. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink.

FaceMe is optimized to run across hardware configurations, from high-end workstations to low-power chipsets frequently used in internet of things and artificial intelligence of things devices. FaceMe provides solution builders and system integrators a fast, reliable, extremely precise and flexible facial recognition technology that can be deployed across a number of scenarios, including security, access control, public safety, fintech, smart retail and home protection.

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