Autonomous robotics company Cobionix has developed a robot capable of delivering needle-less COVID-19 vaccinations.

Cobi the autonomous robot delivers the COVID-19 vaccine via a high-pressure fluid jet — no thicker than a strand of human hair — deep into a patient’s arm tissue without using a hypodermic needle.

To accomplish this, Cobi features cameras to detect a patient and confirm their identity via ID or documentation. Additionally, Cobi’s hand features a built-in light detection and ranging (lidar) sensor that scans and creates a 3D map of the patient’s body. This data is then analyzed by software to determine the ideal location for an injection. The patient is then instructed via display about where and how to stand and what items of clothing to remove.

Source: CobionixSource: Cobionix

According to Cobionix, the robot can be tailored to take over a variety of tasks considered dangerous for humans. In this instance, the robot reportedly reduces exposure risks of COVID-19 to medical professionals delivering vaccines to patients.

For more information on Cobi, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Cobionix.

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