Alkaline battery producer Duracell is launching a residential energy storage solution in concert with California-based Power Center+. The new Duracell Power Center product line of Home Energy Storage will consist of 5 kW and 10 kW inverter outputs with lithium-iron phosphate batteries expandable from 14 kWh to 84 kWh.

The Power Center's unique bi-directional inverter technology allows new and existing residential solar owners to store excess solar power for use in the evening, maximizing their solar investment while increasing energy security and independence, all without additional hardware. Remote software upgrades area available to meet ever changing power regulatory standards.

Source: DuracellSource: Duracell

In the event of grid failure, the systems form a microgrid allowing the solar photovoltaic system to continue generating power while managing home loads based on the advanced lithium battery units. The Power Center systems, with certification standards matching UL1741, UL9540, California's Rule 21 and Hawaii's Rule 14H, support grid-connected solar self-consumption and time of use rate shifting.

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