New projects planned to demonstrate sustainable aviation fuel production technology developed by DG Fuels LLC will be powered by gravity-based energy storage technology systems supplied by Energy Vault.

The gravity energy storage solution is based on the engineering fundamentals of pumped hydroelectric energy storage but uses composite blocks instead of water as the storage medium. These structures do not lose storage capacity over time and are lifted and lowered to capture potential energy in the elevation gain. Source: Energy VaultSource: Energy VaultElectric power is then generated as the bricks are lowered.

Energy Vault will supply 1.6 GWh of energy storage for several DG Fuels projects, starting with a 500 MWh system for operations in Louisiana. These facilities will be used to advance a carbon conversion fuel production process that targets a 93% carbon conversion efficiency and reduces the amount of agricultural and timber waste feedstock and cost required to produce sustainable aviation fuel. The modified Fischer-Tropsch system also reduces carbon dioxide life cycle emissions and yields ASTM-certified direct replacement fuel with greater fuel density and lower particulate and nitrogen oxides emissions.

The gravity storage systems will provide green electricity in conjunction with photovoltaic solar capacity to match the demand load of water electrolysis systems for both green hydrogen and oxygen feedstock production.

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