The first hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotive entirely engineered in China has started trial runs on a 627 km railway line for coal transport in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The project was jointly launched by the Inner Mongolia subsidiary of the State Power Investment Corporation Limited (SPIC), CRRC Datong Co. Ltd. and SPIC Hydrogen Energy Co. Ltd. CRRC Datong Co. developed the Source: CRRC Datong Co. Source: CRRC Datong Co. locomotive using a hydrogen fuel cell system developed by SPIC Hydrogen Energy Company. The locomotive has a design speed of 80 km/h and can run with 700 kW of continuous power for 24.5 hours when fully loaded with fuel and its maximum traction load on straight roads reaches 5,000 tons.

The new-energy locomotive is expected to cut carbon emissions by about 96,000 tons per year running on the coal railway linking the Baiyinhua coal mine in Inner Mongolia with the port of Jinzhou in northeast China’s Liaoning Province. The next step will be to develop a 2,000 kW hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotive suitable for broader railway industry applications.

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