Nitto Kohki USA has introduced a standalone vacuum pump device that is ideal for a range of pick-and-place applications, and is particularly useful when house air is not available. The LV-125A (Linicon) vacuum pump is compact, lightweight and features an oil-less design to fit perfectly into clean room assembly operations. It Source: Nitto Kohki USA Source: Nitto Kohki USA has an extremely low noise profile (less than 40 dB) to support the user-friendly workplace where low noise is an essential requirement.

As the heart of a vacuum pick-up set, the LV-125A may be purchased with a vacuum pen, needles, tubing and a pen stand for an efficient, low profile and highly productive assembly tool ideal for a wide range of uses, including transferring spherical objects, transferring uneven parts, moving tiny parts and assembling precision parts. The unit has high adsorption power.

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