Coval, a manufacturer of pumps, has introduced its new generation of Lemax IO mini vacuum pumps.

According to the company, the mini pumps feature Air Saving Control (ASC) technology and an IO-Link communications interface, which enables permanent communication with the pump’s environment, and offers energy savings in packaging, robotics or plastics processing applications.

Source: CovalSource: Coval

Offering intelligent vacuum control by halting air consumption when the set vacuum level is achieved, ASC technology produces energy savings of between 75% and 99% according to application. Likewise, ASC technology analyzes the application and adapts to impermeable or porous parts, thereby optimizing energy consumption.

According to the company, the mini pumps are compatible with Industry 4.0 automation and the IO-Link interface allows for real-time communication between Lemax IO vacuum pumps and all the higher-level protocols — such as Ethernet/IP, PROFINET and EtherCAT — used in the supervision of the production line. IO-Link also allows for uninterrupted diagnostics, centralized programming and pump control.

The Lemax IO pumps also feature pressure regulation, solenoid valves, anti-clogging open silencer, electronic vacuum switch, M8 connector and adjustable blowing.

For more information, visit the Coval website.

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