The new Lab-Scale Rotary Furnace from Harper International allows producers of advanced materials to optimize their process parameters on a small scale to ensure capability and quality requirements are achieved prior to investment in production-scale thermal process equipment.

Full featured with short delivery times, the Lab-Scale Rotary Furnace provides clients with the opportunity to get to market faster and more efficiently. The furnace delivers superior temperature uniformity for batch or continuous processing of advanced materials including granular, powder or particulate aggregates at operating temperatures up to 1200° C. Harper also offers add-on options for controlled atmospheres and Source: Harper InternationalSource: Harper Internationalmaterial handling.

Harper utilizes this furnace in the Ignite program at their Technology Research Center. Ignite allows clients to run feasibility demonstrations and experimental campaigns while leveraging Harper’s expertise in process development and process optimization.

“We are excited to offer the Lab-Scale Rotary Furnace as an off-the-shelf solution for clients looking to make their innovations become reality. With this new product, Harper clients maintain control and access to lab-scale furnace testing and resources to better meet their project timelines and investment profiles,” commented Paul Elwell, vice president of sales and marketing.

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