Automotive manufacturing giant Hyundai Motor has announced a pilot test of its factory safety monitoring robot, the “Factory Safety Service Robot.”

Following its acquisition in mid 2021 of Boston Dynamics — the maker of the robot dog Spot — Hyundai Motor has transformed one of Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot dogs into a system that maintains the safety of personnel in the manufacturing space.

Source: HyundaiSource: Hyundai

The pilot, which is being conducted at a Kia Manufacturing plant in South Korea, is testing the Factory Safety Service Robot’s features, which include artificial intelligence (AI) for detecting people in the manufacturing space, a thermal camera for detecting high temperatures associated with fires and other risks, navigation technology for moving within the space and lidar technology for detecting open doors and other possible obstacles.

The Factory Safety Service Robot can also be remotely operated, shares real-time photos of the facility floor and issues an alarm in the event of an emergency.

For more information on the Factory Safety Service Robot, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Hyundai Motors.

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