Durable computers have become an essential tool for field workers in the oil and gas industry. Twinhead International Corporation’s rugged mobile solutions brand, Durabook, has a range of computers that are up to the demanding task of providing applications for asset management, field data analysis, running diagnostics and ensuring on-site safety in challenging environments that often have poor air quality, high humidity, risk of explosion, salt and fog exposure, and extreme temperatures.

“Durabook rugged computers withstand the harshest environments," states Tom Wang, Durabook Americas president. "Each one is built with the latest technology, providing an exceptionally high-performing mobile computing device for use across the whole plant or refinery. These particular models are suitable for use in specified hazardous locations across oil and gas, petrochemical manufacturing, mining and other industries with potentially explosive atmospheres."

Durabook's rugged computers are perfect companions for field workers who need intrinsically protected mobile solutions. Source: Durabook Americas Inc.Durabook's rugged computers are perfect companions for field workers who need intrinsically protected mobile solutions. Source: Durabook Americas Inc.

Durabook computers contain a number of features that make them ideal for use in these challenging and harsh environments.

Durabook meets ANSI C1D2, a widely accepted built-in safety standard for rugged computers used in hazardous environments. C1 addresses the units’ ability to be used in the presence of gases, vapors and liquids; D2 addresses the units’ safety for use in an explosive environment during normal operating conditions. With this rating, Durabook rugged computers can be used by oil and gas companies for on-site conferences, to provide remote support and run diagnostics with accuracy.

The powerful Intel Core processors and Windows OS enable Durabook computer users to run the latest software and programs. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE allow real-time communications between the field and office staff with seamless connectivity. Built-in GPS provides accurate location tracking and geographic overviews.

All this improves the productivity and efficiency of field engineers.

Long battery life powers Durabook rugged computers for continuous operation from 16 to 25 hours, avoiding the need to swap out the battery in a potentially hazardous environment and the risk of accidental explosion due to electrical ignition.

Durabook’s proprietary DynaVue technology combined with a full HD 1080p display provides superior image quality. Internal reflections are largely eliminated and viewing quality at different angles and in bright or low-light conditions is enhanced thanks to the brightness of 1000 nits, special light-filtering technology and the highest contrast ratio among rugged devices.

Durabook rugged computers are certified to meet MIL-STD 810H and MIL-STD-810G standards, withstand up to 6-foot drops, and achieve IP65 certification.

The Durabook line includes the Z14I Rugged Laptop, the U11 Rugged Tablet and the R11 Rugged Tablet.

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