The new Belimo six-way pressure independent control valve features hydronically decoupled heating and cooling circuits with the integration of an innovative ball design. The rotary movement of the modulating actuator enables each sequence to be controlled pressure independently from a single analog control output. The valve provides 100% leakage protection in the closed position, preventing energy losses, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs.

The Belimo six-way pressure independent control valve has a unique design and functionality that is unrivaled in the industry at present. This compact valve has the functionality of up to four two-way control valves, therefore saving space, material and installation time while simultaneously providing true flow measurement.

Source: BelimoSource: Belimo

One valve can provide change-over and modulating control for a single coil four-pipe system. This results in lower upfront cost and less system maintenance. The Belimo six-way control valve can support the various flow requirements of both chilled and hot water streams with one valve capable of providing multiple flow rates. Complete isolation of the heating and cooling systems is achieved, resulting in further system efficiencies.

The Belimo six-way valve reduces power consumption with only one valve and actuator assembly. Further installation cost reductions are possible through the requirement of only one coil for heating and cooling. Belimo has integrated its near field communication (NFC) system into the six-way valve, which allows fast programming, commissioning and troubleshooting — even when the actuator is not powered. Enhanced communication with BACnet MS/TP, and Modbus RTU provide superior access to application data. High flow accuracies of ±2% are also achieved with the in-built ultrasonic flow meter.

The Belimo six-way valve is ideal for chilled beams, radiant ceiling panels and four-pipe fan coil units. The P3050B6-K model provides a nominal flow rate of 21 L/min (5.5 US GPM) with a 15 mm (0.5 in) nominal diameter. The P3075B6-J model provides a nominal flow rate of 39 L/min (10.3 US GPM) with 20 mm (0.75 in) nominal diameter.

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