Brickell House, a 46-story condominium building in Miami, has contracted with Parkplus to retrofit a 420-space, 13-story automated robotic parking system. Following a successful lawsuit against the original contractor who did not successfully deliver the parking system, Brickell House hired Parkplus to bring in new technology and construct a working system.

Yaidyt Hernandez of Brickell House Condominium Association stated, "We looked at experience in the market, the type of technology and the capacity offering. We wanted no structural changes, with similar capacity to the original garage and reasonable long-term costs.”Source: Park Plus Inc.Source: Park Plus Inc.

With over 50 years of experience in parking automation, including automated robotic parking solutions, self-park stacking and multi-level manually operated stacked parking systems, the parties involved are confident the Parkplus automated guided vehicle (AGV) parking system can meet the project requirements using the vehicle lifts already installed with some modifications but no structural changes.

Parkplus, located in nearby Dania Beach, has installed multiple projects in the region including two global flagship projects for automated parking systems, Muse Rack & Rail and Paramount AGV.

The project is expected to take 77 weeks from permitting and approval by the city. The completed automated parking system will have 411 parking spaces, including 80 charging spaces for electric vehicles. Valet parking personnel will be available initially to assist residents in the loading and parking areas, but eventually the system will transition to self-parking.

The Parkplus AGV system manages the automated storage and retrieval of vehicles with free-roaming, self-charging, omni-directional robots using traffic management software, markers, vision systems and lasers for self-guidance. Maximum parking efficiency is achieved with flexible floor plan configuration and intelligent traffic management software. The system is monitored remotely at all times.

Residents using the Brickell House parking system will be able to store and retrieve their vehicles via a kiosk or a smartphone app. The app will send push notifications for “position in queue” and “vehicle ready.” They will also be able to issue visitor passes. The system is enabled for the future integration of autonomous vehicles.

Parkplus AGV automated parking system has multiple global patents and its unique design has “revolutionized high-density vehicle storage and retrieval systems, transformed the parking experience, and provided efficient, sustainable and cost-effective parking solutions for many projects in the U.S.,” according to the company.

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