The 2852-DPM dry pump monitor uses capacitance technology with an ingenious non-intrusive design to protect pumps and equipment from damage due to dry or low volume conditions.

Capacitance is the measurement of an electrical field across two plates. Different mediums between the plates, such as air, water, oil, shampoo, will result in different capacitance readings. Even a blend of two liquids or a decrease in the liquid level between the plates can be measured for process alarms and control.

The 2852-DPM uses embedded sensing plates in a PVC wafer flange to provide easy installation and no interference to the product flow. The sensor locks in on the capacitance field of the fluid passing though and accurately detects changes resulting from lower levels, different fluids, or changes of phase, to initiate an alarm. Prevent downtime and costly repairs by installing the Arjay 2852-DPM dry pump monitor and phase detector.

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