Fisher, an Emerson company, has developed its new range of Vee-Ball rotary control valves with the V150, V200 and V300 models. The valve range features precise flow control, a robust design and a suite of options to suit the most challenging applications. The Vee-Ball valve is essentially a segmented ball valve featuring a contoured (segmented) V-notch ball and ball seal. The unique design promotes smooth, non-clogging operation that is suitable for media including gas, steam, liquids and fibrous slurries.

The new Vee-Ball range comes with interchangeable trim components among the three models, reducing spare parts inventory and maintenance procedures. In addition, the valve seal assembly can be easily changed either without removing the actuator or without having to remove the ball from the valve body. The choice is given to the user based on the specific installation and convenience.

Source: EmersonSource: Emerson

The flanged body design of the new Vee-Ball range makes installation easy. Exposed line flange bolting is eliminated, reducing alignment and installation time, and facilitating secure valve installations as well as piping integrity.

In another notable feature of the new range, the Cavitrol Hex Anti-Cavitation Trim option is available to reduce or eliminate vibration caused by cavitation. The Cavitrol Hex trim option results in safer operation by enabling optimum valve performance under severe operating conditions while simultaneously maintaining valve efficiency. The Cavitrol Hex Anti-Cavitation Trim can also be easily retrofitted to previously installed Vee-Ball valves.

The new range of Vee-Ball valves come standard with right-hand actuator mounting, with a left-hand mounting option available with clockwise (CW) or counterclockwise (CCW) action. With the diaphragm or piston rotary actuator, the valve is field-reversible between push-down-to-close (PDTC) or push-down-to-open (PDTO).

The Vee-Ball is available in a wide range of additional options to suit the most testing operating environments including special materials for applications involving sour liquids and gases. The ENVIRO-SEAL packing systems are designed with ultra-smooth shaft surfaces and live loading to provide exceptional sealing. The ENVIRO-SEAL can restrict emissions to less than the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) limit of 100 ppm (parts per million).

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