Autonomous truck startup Kodiak Robotics has signed a partnership with Hesai Technology Co. Ltd. to integrate 360° scanning lidar onto Kodiak’s patent-pending mirror pods.

Hesai’s lidar is built to handle real-world autonomous vehicle deployment that will enhance side- and rear-view long-range capability and perception that is built into the mirrors. The system will help maximize the value of lidar, cameras and radar.

Kodiak is developing Level 4 autonomous trucking systems and with Hesai’s lidar it allows Kodiak’s Vision system to receive actionable data under a wider range of conditions including tough environments such as highways.

"Kodiak's partnership with Hesai will be critical to making autonomous trucking a reality in the very near future," said Don Burnette, CEO at Kodiak. "Hesai's LiDARs have the reliability and performance we need to deploy the Kodiak Driver in the harsh conditions common in long-haul trucking. We have built Kodiak as an ecosystem-first company and are proud to be working with industry leaders to build an incredibly deep partnership network."

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