Chesterton has unveiled the one-for-all 650 advanced machinery lubricant (AML) for chain, pneumatics and other machinery assemblies in industrial, and food and beverage markets. It is formulated with a unique food grade plant-derived ester blend, making it a high performing, readily biodegradable, environmentally friendly and worker-safe lubricating oil. 650 AML provides outstanding protection against wear in valves, pistons and other pneumatic components. It cleans and removes gums and varnish while lubricating chains, ropes and other machinery assemblies.

650 AML is designed for end users looking for a high-performing, environmentally friendly and worker safe Source: ChestertonSource: Chestertonalternative to petroleum-based oils. The lubricant will meet safety and environmental compliance and will perform better than many petroleum-based products

650 AML has several benefits when used for lubrication of pneumatics, chains, ropes or machinery assemblies:

  • Environmentally safe plant derived ester technology; readily biodegradable
  • Low mist hazard; low odor
  • Self-cleaning; removes residue and sticky build up
  • Low coefficient friction of 0.05 (ASTM D3233), significantly reduces power consumption
  • Reduces wear, scar diameter of 0.395 (ASTM 3233), prolongs equipment life
  • Silicone free; Safe on all metals, most polymers and plastics
  • NSF H1 certified, allowed to use in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry

Intended for all industries, 650 AML will prove significantly beneficial where pneumatic applications require high moisture absorption and dry chain applications require high weld carrying and excellent cleaning ability.

Intended areas of use are, but not limited to:

  • Robotic, automated and process controlled pneumatic systems containing pneumatic cylinders, solenoids, actuators, valves, presses and air tools
  • Assembly/conveyor chains: Such as automotive assemblies, general manufacturing (white goods, tire and rubber, pulp and paper) and lubricant applied by automatic mist or spray lubrication systems
  • Wire rope, cables and hoists for cranes, lifts and conveyors
  • Air mist lubrication of bearings for higher speed; hot services to 200c depending on bearing size and rpm
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