New high-tech goggles designed for the U.S. Army will enable soldiers to see through combat vehicles, thereby enhancing their situational awareness.

The Integrated Augmented Vision System (IAVS) goggles can reportedly see around corners and in the dark, as well as through the walls of combat vehicles, and can display digital maps, calling up data instantly.

Source: Courtney Bacon / DVIDSSource: Courtney Bacon / DVIDS

To see what is happening outside of a combat vehicle, such as a Bradley or Stryker infantry vehicle, the goggles rely on feeds from omnidirectional cameras located outside the armored vehicles. This enables all of the soldiers within the armored vehicle to see through the vehicle walls without leaving the vehicle and risking their safety.

Additionally, the goggles can also be incorporated into soldiers' weapons through a rifle-mounted thermal imaging night vision scope, which also displays the surroundings within soldiers’ field of vision. This would enable soldiers to aim their weapons while shielded or to see around corners without leaving themselves vulnerable to enemies.

The U.S. Army is currently planning to send thousands of pairs of goggles into the field.

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