A military security and defense vendor is preparing to construct unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) to identify and detonate underwater mines on behalf of the U.K. Royal Navy and the French Navy.

Saab, a Swedish vendor, will produce its Multi-Shot Mine Neutralization System (MuMNS) for the ongoing Maritime Mine Counter Measures (MMCM) initiative.

Source: SaabSource: Saab

According to Saab, the MuMNS features a remote controlled vehicle that is capable of inspecting mines and attaching explosive charges to those mines — exploding them without risking the safety of personnel.

The MuMNS can reportedly neutralize as many as three mines, both buoyant and ground mines, at once without resurfacing and from a safe distance, according to its manufacturer.

Working in conjunction with other technologies designed for the MMCM initiative, including specially designed sensors and other vehicles, the intention is to phase out the profession of mine sweeping and mine hunting, wherein humans are tasked with locating unexploded mines.

Operated via accompanying unmanned surface vessels, the MuMNSs are slated for delivery in 2022.

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