NORD has released new IE5+ permanent magnet synchronous motors as extremely energy efficient and compact units for demanding conveying applications. The motors feature smooth surfaces that also make them an ideal choice in washdown and other harsh or highly-regulated environments.

The existing generation of NORD IE3 and IE4 motors already offer impressive efficiency, but the new IE5+ technology takes this one step further, delivering even more efficiency at low speeds and partial loads, resulting in additional operational cost reduction. IE5+ motors are extremely versatile and can be used for Source: NORDSource: NORDa wide range of applications including food and beverage, intralogistics, airport baggage handling, and post and parcel industries that frequently operate at partial loads or reduced speeds and may need to quickly adjust load size and speeds.

NORD IE5+ motors deliver power ranging from 0.5 HP to 1.5 HP, torque ranges from 14.2 lb-inch to 42.5 lb-inch, and speeds from 0 rpm to 2,100 rpm, all in a single motor frame. When these motors are combined with NORD gear units and variable frequency drives, they become part of a complete, single-source cabinet or decentralized drive solution that is engineered for high performance. This solution offers a significant size and weight decrease over the IE3 and IE4 motors.

The IE5+ series takes full advantage of NORD’s modular concept to reduce variances within a system. This helps operators reduce total cost of ownership due to reduced spare part inventory and minimize administrative expenses, as well as set up leaner manufacturing, logistics, storage and service processes. NORD engineers work directly with customers to tailor each solution to their specific needs and they are frequently able to provide specialized, highly precise drive solutions entirely from NORD’s standard product offering, eliminating the need for costly custom components.

For washdown applications, aluminum IE5+ gear units provide several advantages over traditional stainless-steel units, most notably their size and weight compared to stainless motors with similar efficiency ratings. NORD IE5+ motors are made of solid aluminum alloy and can weigh as little as 15.4 lb versus much heavier stainless units of the same size. This, along with total lengths starting at only 9 in, makes commissioning and servicing much easier, even in tight spaces.

NORD’s IE5+ motors are available with a variety of surface protection options, including high-solid paints for basic indoor use and severe duty paints for outdoor, food and chemical protection. For harsher or demanding environmental conditions, IE5+ gearmotors are available with NORD’s patented nsd tupH sealed surface conversion, which makes IP69K protection class coating possible. All housing components are surface treated to prevent corrosion along with shafting and hardware in stainless steel to allow NORD units to last longer, even in extreme conditions.

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