Tech company Lenovo has teamed with screen coating company Kastus to develop a light-activated antimicrobial and antiviral coating for commercial touch-screens.

The always-on screen coating was reportedly effective against 99.99% of surface bacteria in the lab during testing. The coating is intended for laptops, tablets, smartphones, ATMs, medical devices and interactive menus.

The companies intend to eventually incorporate the coating into a line of screen products. Currently, the coating can be retrofit to a number of devices, offering uninterrupted protection against surface transmissions of the coronavirus.

Because COVID-19 can reportedly survive on certain surfaces for almost a month, a number of surface solutions have emerged to combat the risk of surface transmission. Among those solutions are a light-activated antimicrobial coating that kills bacteria under low intensity, ambient light conditions and a patent-pending plasma-derived coating that continuously disinfects high-traffic surfaces.

For more on the touchscreen coating developed by Lenovo and Kastus, watch the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Kastus.

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