Technology company Cheetah Mobile has introduced three new robots designed for both in-person and virtual tradeshows conducted amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Offering COVID-safe contactless tradeshow solutions, each of the three robots — the GreetBot, the EngageBot and the FanBot — feature voice technologies, speech-to-text natural language processing, six-axis robotic arms, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, facial recognition, emotion perception and indoor navigation.

While most upcoming tradeshows in 2021 will be conducted virtually as COVID-19 infection rates rise, some tradeshows are exploring a return to in-person events post COVID-19. As such Cheetah Mobile’s tradeshow robots are designed for both scenarios.

The GreetBot is intended for virtual tradeshows where virtual attendees can confirm their identity with the bots and the bots can respond to questions and offer virtual venue tours. Likewise, an in-person event iteration of the robot can take attendee temperatures.

The EngageBot is designed for in-person events, offering displays detailing event information, an event agenda and venue maps, for instance. Additionally, the EngageBot can serve as a marketing agent in lieu of human marketing agents, thereby eliminating the spread of infection.

The FanBot is also intended for in-person events, autonomously offering contactless snacks and drinks to attendees.

To see how the robots operate in the tradeshow space, watch the accompanying clip that appears courtesy of Cheetah Mobile.

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