Allweiler recently unveiled the latest addition to its dosing pump portfolio. The new AEB-DE progressive cavity dosing pumps boast the same footprint for all sizes and are capable of bi-directional flow. Allweiler has optimized rotor and stator geometries to deliver accurate metering and dosing of high viscosity and particulate-filled fluids, accommodating a wide range of flows and temperatures while maintaining stable pump performance.

All four pump sizes in the series possess identical outer dimensions, making it simple for skid builders to adopt standard designs without having to consider fluctuating flow rates or liquid characteristics. Such flexibility means that any future flow rate changes can be easily accommodated with simple adjustments to conveying elements without the need for costly refurbishments or piping adjustments

Source: AllweilerSource: Allweiler

The new suction casing has been designed with three additional closed drillings that can be used for various purposes such as pump filling, draining or for the installation of additional auxiliary components. The pumps are available in flanged or threaded connections and come with an optional baseplate where needed. With the seal in the liquid flow, the pump can be installed either horizontally or vertically without any risk of seal failure and dry run. Along with the added benefit of bi-directional flow, this flexibility enables easy installation in the most restrictive spaces.

The AEB-DE dosing pumps can be upgraded with additional smart dry run protection to avoid catastrophic pump failures as well as a pressure transmitter to increase plant safety and prevent overpressures that may damage the pump and piping.

Optional variable frequency drives (VFDs) can be provided on top of the motor terminal box where velocity and flow adjustments are required. The standard mechanical seal comes with a quench connection option or a stuffing box with a gland seal option. Allweiler has also designed the pump joint with exchangeable and hardened wear parts that are further enhanced with a special joint oil. Overall, this results in higher durability, less downtime and longer asset life.

With the high-grade stainless steel materials used for critical pump components, the AEB-DE pump can be used in a wide range of applications with demanding operating conditions including water and wastewater, pulp and paper, marine, chemical processing, mining, food, power and more.

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