As the world’s technology continues to advance, the railway industry requires more heavy-duty, high-performance bearings that can withstand harsh operating and environmental conditions. Trains are more than just a mode of transportation, they’re an extension of our office, our community, and carry our most precious cargo. As trains move the world, train components must go the distance, enduring harsh elements while traveling further and longer between maintenance and repairs.

To weather such conditions, engineers must consider the full assembly’s components early in the design phase. GGB understands that you are under pressure to improve performance with a tighter budget and higher safety inquiries with numerous other design challenges. Partnering with the tribological experts at GGB ensures your rail system is built to meet extreme operational demands, remain cost efficient, while providing passengers with a quiet, comfortable and safe ride. Our self-lubricating plain railway bearings offer high-load capacity, low friction and a large operating temperature range. These railroad bearings are ideal for helping to reduce noise and vibration, increase energy efficiency and extend maintenance intervals. Contact GGB today and our expert engineers will collaborate with you to review your assembly and find the solution to help get your railway design back on track!