Ford says it will introduce an aluminum alloy that is stronger and easier to mold for its 2016 F-150 model. The Ford F-150 2015 version was introduced with an all-aluminum body that has proven to be durable and easy to tow, haul and accelerate.

Collaborating with Alcoa, Ford’s next model will include multiple components made with Alcoa’s micromill technology. The technology reportedly features a 40% increase in metal malleability and also an increase in strength. The alloy can be shaped into forms such as inside door panels and external fenders and parts can be manufactured as single pieces. Ford says that Micromill aluminum will allow the automaker to light-weight the F-150 even further through the use of thinner aluminum sheet without compromising dent resistance.

Ford and Alcoa say their collaboration will continue in the development of more Micromill alloys that Ford plans on implementing in more of its vehicles. Ford says future alloys “will improve design flexibility on lightweight parts and provide better vehicle performance.”

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