A containment chamber for the safe transport of patients with infectious diseases like the coronavirus is now available at Travis Air Force Base in California.

Joining only two other Negatively Pressurized Conex (NPC) Chambers reportedly in existence — the first at the Joint Base in Charleston, South Carolina, and the second at Ramstein Air Base in Germany — the containment chamber at Travis Air Force Base is able to transport 24 ambulatory patients or eight stretchers at a time.

The NPC is a reconfigured shipping container that can be attached to a C-17 or a C-5 Super Galaxy. The system mimics the traditional hospital isolation rooms where negative air pressure prevents airborne viruses from escaping the room, or cabin, in this instance.

The containment chambers are intended to evacuate marines, airmen, soldiers and sailors in the U.S. Indo-Pacific command region infected with COVID-19, getting them access to medical care.

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