A laboratory technician from Finland’s Aalto University’s Design Factory has created a tool that lets users avoid contact with surfaces in public places amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The touch guard, dubbed the Space Key, is a key-like device that is composed of copper, which is an antimicrobial that can destroy viruses, including COVID-19.

The Space Key can enable users to push buttons, such as those on an ATM, handle toilet and faucet fixtures in a public restroom, and open and close trash can lids without touching those problematic surfaces with their fingers where viruses can live for extended periods of time.

Source: Aalto UniversitySource: Aalto University

The touch guard tool was designed with hospitals, airports, schools and other high-traffic public places in mind. It joins a number of other surface solutions that have emerged from the COVID-19 virus including a 3D-printed door opening tool and various surface film and coating solutions.

See how the self-cleaning antimicrobial tool works by watching the accompanying video that appears courtesy of Aalto University.

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