The PureAir Package from air curtain manufacturer Berner International can help building managers combat the COVID-19 pandemic while supporting sustainability goals. The system complements the built environment’s indoor air quality (IAQ) and disinfection efforts by deactivating viruses, killing bacteria, and neutralizing airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens and other biological contaminants.

The air curtain includes needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) technology, enabling users to safely disinfect and purify the air in the space, beginning at the doorway. When the door is open, the air curtain operates as Source: Berner InternationalSource: Berner Internationalboth an air curtain and an air purifier. When the door closes for longer than 60 seconds, the air curtain automatically transitions to Pure Mode for continuous NPBI ion distribution throughout the space with one of its lowest, quietest speeds. The Pure Mode setting distributes a minimum ion density of 72,000 ions/cm2 within a minute for reliable pathogen disinfection of the space. On Pure Night mode, to provide optimum ion density, the air curtain runs at a powerful high speed, de-stratifying the air in the room and purifying it prior to occupancy periods.

The PureAir Package includes the NPBI module, a washable 25 mm aluminum mesh MERV-8 particulate filter, a 10 speed 1/2-hp electronically commutated motor and a factory-installed Intelliswitch with Pure Mode operation.

The ionization process creates positively and negatively-charged ions that are distributed by the air curtain and attach to microscopic airborne particulates. The positive and negative ions break down gases such as VOCs and odors and also pull hydrogen out of viruses, bacteria and mold that deactivates or kills them. The polarized particles’ electrical attraction and subsequent agglomeration facilitates their entrapment in the air curtain’s intake air MERV 8 filter. Together, the combination of the NPBI technology and MERV 8 filter approaches HEPA performance and improves IAQ.

The Intelliswitch, a programmable digital controller, which has a time clock, time delay, built-in thermostat, 10 speed fan control, and other integrated customizable features, can also be operated wirelessly through the Berner AIR, an advanced control technology communications platform for air curtains. The platform uses a wireless controller, encrypted at the processor level, to connect the Intelliswitch to the Berner App for smartphones, which also allows Berner factory technicians to help local contractors troubleshoot service.

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