To celebrate National Composites Week, Harper International will participate as part of an effort to promote the innovation and creativity fueling growth in the composites industry and draw attention to the outstanding opportunities that a career in the industry can provide. Planned virtual activities include brief interviews with Harper’s composites team, white papers, relevant articles and much more.

National Composites Week is an annual national event celebrated at the local level and supported by thousands of companies throughout the composites industry supply chain as they help students, teachers, parents, job-seekers and other community members understand what composite materials are and how valuable composites manufacturing is.

”Harper understands the importance of keeping ahead of emerging technologies associated with manufacturing new and innovative composite materials,” said Renee Bagwell, senior process technology engineer with Harper International. “By offering one of a kind tailored solutions, from research to industrial scale, for each individual customer’s needs, Harper is leading the industry in providing unique and novel thermal processing equipment solutions to meet this ever changing and challenging composites market.”

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