Industrial automation company ABB has developed a 3D inspection robot cell that improves the speed of quality control (QC) testing, making it roughly 10 times faster than current QC methods.

The so-called 3D Quality Inspection (3DQI) robot cell can reportedly detect defects in parts under inspection using a 3D white light optical sensor. The sensor scans millions of 3D points, according to ABB, and uses that data to create a digital model of the part, revealing defects not visible to the unaided eye — for instance, defects measuring as small as under half the width of a human hair.

Source: ABBSource: ABB

Developed for offline testing stations, the 3DQI expedites the production process in the aerospace, automotive, construction and heavy machinery industries by improving the speed and accuracy of metrology, reducing the potential for errors and faults leading to recalls, improving productivity and eliminating the need for manual inspections.

According to ABB, the 3DQI, which can be carried by robots with handling capacities of more than 20 kg, surpasses the speed of Coordinated Measuring Machines, which are currently used to inspect parts.

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