The BXT motor family, consisting of brushless DC servomotors with especially short design, has been expanded in all sizes by Faulhaber with a diameter-compliant, integrated speed controller.

With an additional attachment length of just 6.2 mm, the motor/speed controller combinations are available Source: FaulhaberSource: Faulhaberwith the same installation space as the products with the IEF3-4096 (L) integrated encoder. Through the use of synergy effects with the encoder variants, the speed controller is likewise fully integrated in the robust motor housing.

Based on Faulhaber SC technology, the motors can be put into operation quickly, easily and comfortably with the familiar Motion Manager (from version 6.6). The speed controller is connected to the application with a six-pole flat cable, and suitable connectors are available as an option.

The speed controller can be combined with the 2214…BXT H, 3216…BXT H and 4221…BXT H housed BXT motors. Even with full integration, the robust controller guarantees the use of nearly the entire power and speed range of the corresponding base motors, and an efficiently designed cooling concept minimizes thermal losses.

The combination of the BXT H motors with the integrated speed controller is an ideal solution if speeds need to be controlled precisely in the smallest of spaces and high torques are also required. Typical applications are pumps, hand-held devices (e.g., for the tattoo industry), equipment manufacturing, and laboratory and industrial automation.

Features include:

• High torque up to 92 mNm, continuous output up to 60 W

• Stable and precise mechanical speed control from 200 to 10,000/min

• Second shaft end optionally available in sizes 32 and 42 mm

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