The GHOST™ fastener from PennEngineering® is concealed after assembly, with zero visible evidence of disassembly once engaged. Although you can’t visibly tell how to disengage the fastener, it’s easily released with a specialized magnetic tool. The near-instant release mechanism is significantly faster and smoother than a screw/nut assembly.

Behind the technology

The technology behind the GHOST product, part of the PEM® brand of fastening solutions, features a gripping fastener that uses a fully concealed pinch-lock mechanism. Small internal balls and a spring component are wedged between a vertical pin and angled retainer wall, providing a secure lock.

Placing the fastener’s magnetic tool on the retainer actuates the internal components, unlocking the pinch-lock grip and releasing the pin from the fastener.

While a door-pull style magnetic removal tool is shown in this video, the tool design is fully customizable based on application requirements. In addition to a mobile tool, PennEngineering has designed a stationary tool where a sealed box must be brought to the fixture for opening.

Versatile applications

The GHOST fastener is an ideal solution for any application in which a completely concealed fastener with sleek aesthetics post-assembly is desired. It can replace most any small external screw/nut assembly in applications for datacom, telecom, automotive electronics, and others.

Access control systems. Most access control systems require the use of a removable panel for the purpose of repairs and maintenance. These systems, like those found in high-rise elevator cars, need to have a seamless look for the door panel and be secure from public tampering. Using a GHOST fastener in this application allows for security and fast, easy door removal and re-attachment.

Automotive interiors. The automotive industry is increasingly under pressure to find new fastening solutions that can offer lighter weight, increased safety and security performance, and slimmer designs. The use of GHOST fasteners in automotive interior components can be an effective solution for interchangeable automotive trim applications.

5G transmission equipment. 5G technology requires critical service and support in the cells where it’s deployed. Public-facing wireless transmission equipment plays a big role in service and support. Enclosure panels for the equipment, typically located on utility poles and roofs, need to be weather-proof and easily removable for service. The use of conventional screws on an exterior panel could lead to interior damage from precipitation, or screw corrosion from exposure to elements. GHOST fasteners eliminate the use of screws and create an environmentally sealed panel that can maintain 5G performance and speed up serviceability.

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