, an online crowdsourced salary database, released its annual College Salary Report which reports on which colleges have the highest earning alumni among engineering and related majors.

The report includes college rankings for associate, bachelor and graduate level degree programs at more than 1,000 colleges and universities. Rankings are broken down by state, school type and major pursued, and report on the earning potential of 142 majors at the associate level, 319 majors at the bachelor's level and 288 graduate-level degrees.

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The survey places a new school at the top of the list for bachelor’s-only graduates, ranked by alumni mid-career median salary. SUNY – Maritime College, a small public college in New York State, reported a median mid-career alumni income of $134,000 a year. That beat Harvey Mudd College by $1,000. Harvey Mudd has held the top spot for the last two years. SUNY - Maritime College comes out on top for median mid-career salary of bachelor’s graduates when those who go on to earn advanced degrees are included.

Graduates of Emory University’s School of Law earn the highest median mid-career salary overall ($201,000) of any school included in the College Salary Report. This private school in Atlanta, Georgia, beats out better known law schools, including UCLA ($199,000), Georgetown ($188,000) and Harvard ($186,000).

Brand-name MBAs also lead to some of the highest salaries in this year’s report. Harvard Business School alumni earn a median mid-career salary of $190,000; edging out Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) MBA alum ($182,000) and Stanford Business School alumni ($175,000).

Median earnings for graduates from master's and PhD programs at public universities lag significantly behind earnings for graduates from private not-for-profit schools. When ranking two-year schools, median school ranking for public schools is nearly 15% higher than private for-profit schools, and nearly 25% higher than private not-for-profit schools.

Gender Plays a Role

Male students are the majority at top-ranked schools. Some 45% of all students from schools ranked in the top 50 master’s schools are women, whereas 57% of students from schools ranked below the top 50 are women. Similar patterns are also present in four-year colleges, MBA level schools and PhD level schools.

Advanced degrees can pay off with 25% of the 201 master’s level majors reporting mid-career median pay numbers above $100,000; all are STEM subjects.

UC Santa Barbara produces the highest-paid computer science majors with 10 or more years of experience ($147,000), and Columbia University produces the highest-paid alumni with five or fewer years of experience ($98,900). UC Berkeley comes in second place by both counts.

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