Source: Lin ManufacturingSource: Lin ManufacturingManufacturers in a variety of industries are adapting to meet the growing need for medical supplies due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Companies that produce medical devices such as ventilators and equipment for respiratory care, along with devices for diagnosis and treatment of the virus, are especially vital at this time. Lin Manufacturing has announced that it is prioritizing its production and supply of motors for these medical devices in order to assist the companies that make them.

COVID-19 causes pneumonia and other respiratory problems that require ventilators. Ventilators have motors that help pump the air that allows the patients to breathe. A variety of motor types can be used for this purpose including hybrid stepper motors, standard BLDC motors, frameless BLDC or slotless and coreless BLDC.

With multiple manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Asia, Lin can increase production volume quickly. The motors are available in a variety of types, shapes and sizes for a multitude of applications. The housing, shaft, leads and connectors can be customized. A selection of configurable motors is available online for faster prototyping. In addition, Lin's engineers are onsite at the company's Northern California location, which doubles as a prototyping facility. Lin ensures that the prototypes operate the same as the manufactured parts.

Lin Engineering has been involved in the advancement of medical equipment for over 30 years, including the development of surgical robots, critical-care devices and laboratory equipment. These devices rely on precise operation of their motors. Lin Engineering motors are used in dozens of FDA-approved devices.