Personal protective equipment (PPE) is in short supply at hospitals worldwide dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic. Dispersed stocks of the gloves, gowns and masks needed to protect medical personnel can now be donated at a website established by engineers and physicians from National University of Ireland the University of Limerick.

Universities, laboratories, construction crews and any company in possession of PPE is invited to register with COVID Med Supply. Use the mapping and registration system to post the categories of PPE or other medical supplies available, along with contact details and geographic location. Local health facilities can easily see PPE availability on local maps, make contact with prospective providers and arrange equipment donation and transport.

According to the website developers: “This is a global problem and we all need to help each other. This website portal will hopefully help your local hospital to help you and your community if the COVID19 surge comes to your town. This is a humanitarian, not for profit website and simply acts as a free conduit to connect your hospital to local businesses who may have the PPE/medical supplies in stock that they need at short notice during this COVID19 pandemic emergency.”

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