There is a huge burst of energy when the nuclei of two light atoms fuse together to produce one heavier nucleus. Stars are created and maintained from such reactions, and our sun is powered by fusion as it continuously turns hydrogen nuclei into helium. For mankind, fusion is the key to an unlimited supply of low-carbon energy.

Enter Tokamak Energy. A private company with an innovative approach: to produce fusion energy within a compact device only a few meters wide. Tokamak believes that the faster route to fusion involves building engineering prototypes quickly, demonstrating high performance and then moving on to the next device. Tokomak's approach of getting their hands dirty, and to a certain extent trial and error, is a bold one in such a long term and high-cost branch of engineering. But the rewards could be enormous.

Watch how Tokamak leverages industry-leading design and simulation tools like Solid Edge to accelerate decision making. Making tomorrow's idea of new, clean energy - a reality of today.