Rapidly advancing medical technology is driving a truly revolutionary array of new medical devices, tools and implants.

But no matter how groundbreaking the design and engineering, the manufacturing process can leave metal parts for medical use with imperfections that impact function, fit, cleanability and durability.

At Able Electropolishing, this is a challenge that we have been helping our medical manufacturing clients overcome for six decades, with state-of-the-art metal finishing processes that meet the exacting standards required for critical medical parts, including medical implants.

Electropolishing uses a combination of a chemical bath and an electrical current to create a highly controllable process for removing surface imperfections like burrs, microcracks, scale, heat tint and other materials left behind in the manufacturing process. It's a process that we've perfected over the years, incorporating automation for consistently precise and high-quality results for a wide variety of common and specialty metal alloys, including titanium, Nitinol, specialty steels, copper alloys, aluminum and more.

Electropolishing and Medical Device Parts: Enhanced Cleanability and Durability

The benefits include a consistently and microscopically precise finish that is ultrasmooth and free of imperfections that can become a focal point of infection or metal contamination.

Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Pathogen resistance
  • Clean, sanitary, easy-to-clean surface
  • Biocompatibility
  • Improved microfinish
  • Fatigue life improvement
  • Burr-free surface
  • Consistent, repeatable finish

Collaboration with our clients, including in the design and prototyping stages, has enabled us to incorporate continuous and ongoing innovation into our processes, which are customized for every part, down to the chemical bath, the racking and the prototyping process, for which we employ full production equipment. Our "Finish First" methodology allows our clients to incorporate our expertise in finishing into the design phase – avoiding design features that can trap liquid or debris, impeding rinsability and cleanability, and making the electropolishing process even more effective.

Such innovation and attention to detail are why Able counts so many medical device manufacturers among its clients, along with clients in the aerospace, laboratory, pharmaceutical, automotive and food manufacturing industries. These are clients for whom pristine parts are more than a cosmetic concern.

To learn more about electropolishing and other metal finishing processes for medical manufacturing, visit our website at https://www.ableelectropolishing.com.