NORD Gear Corporation will showcase a variety of its solutions for the poultry industry at the International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE), January 28 to 30 in Atlanta. As the world's largest annual poultry, meat and feed industry event of its kind, this year’s IPPE will bring together more than 32,000 buyers and sellers Source: NORD Gear CorporationSource: NORD Gear Corporationfrom around the globe.

Visit booth #7865 in Hall B at the Georgia World Congress Center to meet with experts from NORD and learn how the company’s intelligent drive solutions are helping poultry processing and production facilities improve operational efficiencies.

Featured products at the booth will include:

Overhead conveyor drives — Designed specifically to meet the needs of poultry and other meat processing applications, NORD's overhead conveyor drives feature heavy-duty construction and high-quality machined components.

With high efficiency performance and low maintenance requirements, these drives have a very low total cost of ownership while providing clean and reliable operation in food processing plants around the world. Mounting flange and output shafts ensure an easy, drop-in fit with industry-standard footprints.

Key advantages:

  • High overhung load capacity
  • QUADRALIP sealing system
  • Spread bearing design with dry cavity for optimized oil leakage protection
  • Low maintenance, long service life
  • Gear efficiency up to 95%
  • Three sizes available to accommodate a wide range of applications

Screw conveyor package — The NORD screw conveyor package offers a cost-effective drive solution in a powerful, compact footprint. Closely stepped speed reduction ratios combined with a directly coupled gearmotor or NEMA C-face input design eliminates the need for top motor mounts, pulleys, belts or guards. Minimizing parts and eliminating the belted input systems provides for easier system maintenance, increased reliability and superior drive performance.

Key advantages:

  • Reduced operation costs
  • Large ratio range
  • Direct drive motor options (integral or C-face)
  • No belt maintenance or belt guarding required
  • Reduced parts/higher reliability/space savings
  • Higher efficiency
  • More direct torque transfer

Nsd tupH — With Nsd tupH, NORD provides a comparable alternative to stainless steel at a fraction of the price. Their special molecular conversion process ensures that aluminum alloy drive equipment has all the surface protection food and beverage applications demand. Corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, lightweight, durable, dissipates heat more effectively than stainless steel and will not blister or flake.

Products available with Nsd tupH:

  • Helical in-line, helical bevel, and FLEXBLOC gear units
  • Smooth body motors
  • NORDAC START and NORDAC BASE electronic drive solutions

NORD manufactures a wide selection of gearboxes, electric motors and drive electronics in various sizes and configurations for companies in intralogistics, food and beverage, airport baggage handling, grain and bulk materials, and other demanding markets. The modular design offers unlimited versatility with more than 20,000,000 combinations of totally unique gear motors and speed reducers available — in-line or right-angle, mounted by foot or flange, featuring solid or hollow shafts.

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